Company Profile

Ismailiya Medical Company, one of the largest companies in the Medical field,
operating since 1978. Our headquarters is situated in Baghdad, with 5 branch offices inside Iraq: Mosul-Erbil in the North, Basrah-Najaf in the South, another
office in the West and a logistics office in Jordan - Amman- and recently a new branch in Vancouver (Canada) under the name of West Coast Canada Biomedical Equpment.
Ismailiya Medical Company who has been in medical trade for more than 25 years ago with a remarkable track record spanning over a quarter-century. It is with pleasure that we present our company’s chronological history.

Ismailiya Co. was established by its owner Dr. M. A. Ismail under the name of Ismail Scientific Bureau Center.

We began with medical equipment business in parallel with pharmaceutical activities.

The name Ismail Scientific Bureau was changed to Ismailiya Trade Agencies Company, expanding its business with the Ministry of Health, MOHE and the private sector.

Ismailiya implemented two new major projects, Biotest (Germany) and Biomerieux (France).

Increased staff to 10 members.

Our technical maintenance service was established.

Our laboratory diagnostic business was initiated.

Ismailiya Co. witnessed a leap forward and became a representative of various international companies, focusing on pharmaceutical business and promotions.

In view of the growing national demand, pharmaceutical drugs became the primary business interest. Hence we promoted a scientific, drug information cooperative to respond to the international market. Modern cold store was also added as part of a storage capacity.

Ismailiya Co. became an agent of more than 30 international medical corporations with investments over 5 million USD in private sector and 30 million USD in governmental sector.

Increased staff to 75 members; including 25 service engineers. The rest included highly qualified pharmacists, biologists, sales representatives and promoters.

In spite of Iraqi security and war circumstances, followed by occupation, our company continued to contribute to the medical sector services, sales results increased dramatically in the private market, and the demand increased on lab. Diagnostics, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical appliances due to the liberation of the economy. Another cold storage room was added in lieu.

Once again; in spite of Iraqi security and war circumstances, our company continued its contribution to the medical sector; we enrolled in a maintenance team called “Tiger team” in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Service team as a project to maintain all the Medical and Lab equipments throughout Iraq. These national projects took over 3 months to compete.

Recruited for a turn key project of Al Kut Hospital in the Southern part of Iraq for supplying medical equipments such as ECGs, Echo Cardiograph, Defibrillator shock devices, Laparoscopes from (Karl STORZ/ Germany) worth 2 million USD.

Just after the war, the Ismailiya medical Co. initiated and implemented new contracts with the Iraqi Ministry of Health (supply of diagnostic kits, laboratory equipments and drugs), higher education (laboratory equipment and Q.C. equipment), trade (Q.C. equipment) and industry (Q.C. equipment).

We also were awarded contracts with the MOH and the Civil Helping Organizations by supplying Iraqi medical sites in Baghdad, Mosul, Babylon, Balad and Wasat with diagnostic regent, medical equipments, and Lab equipments. Last but not least, the company provided four hospitals with laboratory and medical equipments supervised by the Coalition Forces in southern parts of Iraq 
(Diwaniyeh, Wasat, Numaniya & Hilla governorate).

A land of 8 hectares was bought just out side the Iraqi capital of Baghdad in order to construct our major warehouses & central cold storage in order to fulfill the increasingly great demand of the Iraqi market.

By enrolling in the business of the turn key projects and through our branch in Erbil, we then took on the dialysis project with Baxter /USA by carrying a work shop for all the Northern Provinces and establishing with the help of the MOH/ North a stationed center with its staff for Peritoneal dialysis.

Immediately after the war, we engaged in supplying hospitals with Diagnostic kits, Disposable materials, drugs and even chemical solutions for the amount of 1.5 million USD / per Year.

We were also awarded contracts with the Iraqi MOH to supply the Iraqi Hospitals and Iraqi medical centers with equipment and supplies for the amounts of 25 Million USD/ per Year. As for the private market our turnover was nearly 6 Million USD / per Year.

Starting turn key projects for different type of centers including Mousel province intensive care centers, Cardiac centers, Open Heart Surgery centers (under constructions), complete Lab for different Hospitals in Sulaymania city, Renal Heamodialysis centers in Sulaymania, Erbil, Douhok, Najaf, Ramady.
Supply of Pharmaceutical, Vaccines, lab equipments and Dialysis solutions to MOH Kimadia.
Opening of our sister Co. in Canada.
Opening of our branch Co. in Sudan

Ismailiya commenced several turn-key projects in various Centers throughout different cities in 2006 including; Intensive Care, cardiac and open-heart surgery (currently under construction), renal heamodialysis as well as a fully equipped lab for use by multiple hospitals.

While we are proud to remain at the forefront in the supplying of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, lab equipment and Dialysis solutions to the Iraqi Ministry of Health, we are also very pleased to have been given the opportunity in 2006 to open a branch location in Sudan as well as a sister company in Canada.

In 2007, our expansion progressed even further and we were thrilled to open an office in Malaysia; Malaysian Lab and Biomedical Berhad. We are also currently undergoing several construction projects for Medical Supply Centers primarily focused on, but not limited to renal and endoscopy procedures.

We also in 2007 undertook several projects throughout Iraq for the supply of Intensive Care units, anesthesia equipment & monitors, renal centers for hospitals as well as increasing & expanding the supplying of Pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other disposable medical equipment to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. At the end of last year, we began the supplying of renal equipment to the Iraqi MoH. We also were awarded with the contract to construct a complete Burn Victims Center in the northern region of Iraq.